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How Each Zodiac Sign Experiences Sadness, According To Astrology | YourTango

Feelings of boredom and a lack of motivation are the opposite of the usually very driven Taurus. Feeling like you don't want to do anything is a sure sign that things are heading South.  The Gemini will always look okay. They will continue on in their daily life but once they are alone at night it hits them. If you dread going home to be on your own or find yourself constantly out and keeping yourself busy instead of relaxing or being home, it's a sign of depression. Have you stopped paying attention to your physical appearance lately? Not doing your makeup when you usually do it every day, or wearing leggings and sneakers when you're used to heels and dresses? Feeling like you don't care about your looks or that getting dressed isn't worth it are what a Cancer will feel like during a depressive episode.  Leo's can feel deserted and lost when experiencing depression. If something has fallen out of their control they can get an overwhelming sense of loss and start to feel like their life is falling apart.  When the Virgo is experiencing depression they begin to question everything in their life. They will over think and turn everything they are going through into a  negative experience. Pessimistic thoughts will start to run your life when dealing with an episode.  Much like the Leo, the Libra will feel like their life is out of control. Even if it's just one aspect of your life, negative thoughts will have you thinking that everything is falling apart.

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